I own Vonshore-Rochill's Yo Sheena (out of Vonshore's Phoenix- Vonshore's Booger), born 7/12/97.  Sheena is a litter sister to Vonshore-Rochill's Yul-B if you know who he is.   My mom also owns another Vonshore GSD-- Vonshore's Rock Chalk (R.C. for short) out of Hotse and Granite.

I saw your site on the internet and wanted to write you and send you some photos of my girl Sheena.  She is a search and rescue K9 and is certified in wilderness and basic water search.  She has been on 6 searches with her most recent one for the Emporia, KS/Turnpike flood victims on Aug. 31/Sept. 1. 

Sheena is the most incredible search dog, extremely smart.  I am constantly amazed how intelligent she is.  She LOVES to go searching and is very keen to the times when we are training and when we are on an actual search.  Sheena has been through enough searches to know when it's the "real thing".  :)   

We were so proud of her....she certified in basic water search just 1 week prior to the Emporia/Turnpike flood and went on her first water search when we were called out to look for the flood victims.  She did an incredible job and is a very versatile search K9.

Sheena is 100% working dog.  She would rather play with her toy than cuddle.  LOL!   I also included a photo of Sheena and I searching in PetsMart with my group.  We like to take the dogs in our store every now and then to find our "victims" that we hide in amongst the bags of dog food, toys, and dog beds.  It's a great way to get the dogs to look past all of the tempting toys and treats and to focus on finding the people.  Sheena is getting ready to do her bark alert in the photo telling me she found the person.  The other photos are self-explanatory.

Well, Julia, I just wanted to write and say "hi" and tell you about Sheena.  She's the greatest SAR dog.  I couldn't ask for a better girl.   And, she is probably the prettiest long-haired Sable GSD that I have ever seen!  :)

Lorrie Stelz
Goddard, KS
Member of the Kansas Search and Rescue Dog Association
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